This idea of this sculpture came to me during my research for Eagle’s Nest.  In territorial disputes male eagles, in mid air, will lock talons with their rival and begin twirling, falling to ground.  The first to let go is the one who loses.  At times they refuse to let go and come crashing into the trees, with sometimes fatal consequences.

I was attracted to architectural tableaux of this image, knowing that it would be a challenge to create.  The system my foundry uses to support the wax images of a sculpture were invaluable.  As it made it possible to work on the original eagle models apart or together.  Being built in wax meant that I was facing a long and patience requiring process that does lead to excellent surface textures.  It took over eight months to create the original models.  The moulds were made and the first of the edition of eight was cast, only to be completed after the creation of “Ulysses” for Felix Denis’s “Garden of Heroes & Villains “.  The are half life-size.