“Churchill” 2005- 2006 Commissioned by Felix Dennis for his “Garden of Heroes & Villains” in Dorsington, England

This 10% larger than life-size sculpture was to depict Winston Churchill the day after the first bombings by the Germans of London. The research phase is very important for the creation of my sculptures. For “Churchill” I read over 3,000 pages, viewed endless videos and photographs before beginning. Through this research I developed the idea of using the scattered bricks to express more about Sir Winston. Upon their surfaces I have (using different fonts) quotes and facts. There is also a book representing his Nobel prize for literature and paint brushes to express is paintings and how they kept his “black dog” at bay. Churchill was always on the move, and that is why I have him walking at a good pace.

  1. Church-Fullfrontal
  2. Churchsde

Garden of Heroes and Villians. Dorisington, England

These are some images of creating the original clay model.