“Ulysses” 2012-2014 Commissioned by Felix Dennis for his “Garden of Heroes &Villains”.

Felix wanted me to portray the moment Ulysses is tied to the mast of his ship to hear the songs of the Sirens. I read and listened to various versions of Homer’s classic and eventually discovered how a Greek vessel in 900 BC attached its mast and the type of rope used. There was also research into clothing, its patterns and the various symbols for the Goddess Athena (Ulysses’ protector) to be used for the toga’s broach and a finger ring.

I was please with my solution for the base, which is a section of the mast as it gives a sense of suspension and movement to the sculpture.

To create a life-size bronze my clay figure was 5% larger than life to compensate for the shrinkage that occurs with mold making and the casting of the bronze.

The figure of ulysses was created in clay, with the reliefs of his toga being made with paper and wax, while the mast was made of paper and wax. Five different dimensions of rope were used. His ring was cast in a “gold” bronze.

When "Ulysses" meets the Eagle!

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“Ulysses” is a limited edition of 2.  The second copy is still for sale! If interested please fill out the form below.