Eagle’s Nest

“Eagle’ Nest” 2006-08 Commissioned by E.D. Healey for his private residence in Quinta do Lago, Portugal

My first avian sculpture was greatly helped by the Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto. There I was able study several golden eagle specimens, taking measurements and photographs, plus tracings of wings and tail feathers. I decided upon an untypical pose where the eagle has just landed and is about to “put away” the wings.

The construction of the twice life-size model was again a combination process. This time the eagle’s body and most of the feathers were made in clay, while the primary, secondary and tail feathers were made of wood and wax. These wood and wax technique provided thin feathers with a natural overlap when put in their final position.

The original nest was a wood, dried grasses and wax combination that was cast directly. The chick’s original model was created in clay, while the egg was built with plaster.
“Landing/Leaving” is just the eagle component of “Eagle’s Nest”. It was created over a eleven month period between 2008-2009

When "Ulysses" meets the Eagle!