Ninja Wall

“Ninja Wall” 1993-94 Commissioned by Playmates Properties Limited for 100 Canton Street, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

Sometimes reality is stranger than fiction- that is what I thought as I put the telephone down. I had just been called by the Manager of the company who had installed the granite cladding for the Hongkong L and building. He was in Pisa with a group for a new building project and they wanted to talk to me about the art work for their lobby. Playmate Properties were the owners. Until then their main business had been the making of toys; their main toy The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle.

Another relief with bronze and mosaic. This time the bronze relief was much higher and marble and stone were included with the Venetian glass. These new materials heightened the underground tonality of NYC sewers. The wall space was curved. The “Boys” are depicted discovering their genesis- The Canister of Ooze.

In this project Feng Shui also played a part as the agreed date for delivery was discovered not propitious enough and hence moved forward almost eight weeks. Though the pressure doubled ways were invented to speed up the model building, the foundry cooperated and I managed to deliver on time and budget.

This is a detail of Raphael. Each Turtle was given a symbolic disc (in this case Euclid from Raphael’s fresco “School of Athens”) with a Renaissance font, and an individual netsuke type sculpture. The rivets that hold his weapons in place are legible reproductions of NYC subway tokens.