About me

My name is Robin Bell.  I am a Canadian artist born in 1949.  I received my B.A. from Trinity College, University of Toronto in 1972.

In 1973 I established a studio in Carrara, Italy where I carved my first marble sculptures. In 1974 I transferred my studio to near by Pietrasanta, one of the greatest sculpting centers in the world and began to create a series of sculptures both in marble and bronze for various solo and collective exhibitions. In 1980 I was awarded my first large cast bronze commission for Edmonton, Canada. This was also my first full figurative sculpture. My monumental sculptures can now be found in Canada, Hong Kong, Portugal and England. I am a member of the Royal British Society of Sculptors.

“Eagles’ Nest” – 2005-08 – Private, Quinto do Lago, Portugal
“Churchill” – 2004-05 – Garden of Heroes, Dorsington, England
“Arcus” – 2004-05 – Private Collection, Toronto, Canada
“R. Crumb” – 2002-03 – Garden of Heroes, Dorsington, England
“Casson’s Pine” – 2001-03 – Private Collection, Muskoka, Canada
“The Circle of Caring” – 2000 The Maycourt Hospice, Ottawa, Canada
“The Cutters’ Choice” – 1997-98 Mill Woods Center, Alberta, Canada
“Ninja Wall” – 1993-94 – 100 Canton Road, Hong Kong, China
“Wallscape” – 1991-92 – Queen Road Central Hong Kong, China
“Teeming” – 1989-90 – Meadowhall, Sheffield, England
“Chunky Cutting” – 1987-90 – Mill Woods Center, Alberta, Canada
“Open Sea” – 1984-85 – West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada
“The Goalie” – 1984-85 – Place Vertu, Montreal, Canada
“Running In” – 1980-81 – West Edmonton Mall, Alberta, Canada

His approach to his sculpture has always been that of artist/artisan, i.e., total involvement. For each of these sculptures Bell created his own scale and full size models. He then retouched the wax copies of the model, and when the time arrived did the final bronze finishing.

While his major work has consisted of significant commissions, Mr. Bell has participated in solos and group exhibitions in public and private galleries in North America and Europe, primarily in Rome and Toronto. His sculptures may be found in the public collections of the Glenbow Foundation, Calgary, The western Heritage Museum, Cochrange, Alberta, The Hockey hall of Fame, Toronto, Rodman Hall, St. Catherine, Ontario, Trent University, Trent, Ontario, The Plaster Museum, Pietrasanta.