Physical to Digital (03.1): My first Italian experience, some maps, stories and images.

10 August 2017

  1. Susan-Side
  2. Susan-Head-On

This is my very first marble carving.  “Susan” was created in a piece of fantastic pure white statuary marble.  It’s volume is approximately 27 by 8 by 12 cm. It eventually became a gift to my best friend for his wedding.

I have so far found  images for only two other sculptures created at this time.

The first map gives an idea of where I was living in Carrara and working in Avenza.  While the second underlines two amazing travel experiences I had on my Lambretta.  The first was discovering the ruins of Luni.  Especially the amphitheater, which in those times you could almost take your bike to center stage, now it’s underlocks and gates.At the time I envisioned it as an amazing movie location.  I have returned many times to this stie and it’s museum.  A wonderful place. Folkloare say that it was here Michealango, while examining the ruins of some marble sculptures that he got a sense of scale for his “David”.


The other Lambretta experience that is etched in my memory is the ride from Carrara to Lerici via Montemarcello.  I was first knocked out by the first sights of Lerici as you approach by this road.  The fortress, the bay and the harbour where Byron swam.  He described his stay here as that of   “a stranger in paradise”. A though that comes back often, though not as much of late.  Then on the way back you are rewarded with another great bonus,  the most amazing view of the Apian Mountains and the extensive marble quarries as they rise above theMagra river and it’s flood plain.  Look at the map, Luni was a harbour in its time!   This is another “local” trip I love repeating.


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