“Teeming” 1989-90 Commissioned by Stadium Corp for Meadowhall in Sheffield, England

The project designer had me create this whale tail, dolphin pod maquette for the London press conference presenting the Meadowhall project. Some of the dolphins were to be extended on plexy-glass tubing to heighten the flying through the air effect. However, when the Chairman saw the photographs of “Running In” he invited me to Sheffield to do research for a similar sculpture, but with in the steel making context.
Meadowhall was on the grounds of two abandoned steel foundries. Research brought me to the nexus of Sheffield steel: “teeming”, the pouring of crucible steel. This process had a 250-year history that ended in the 1950’s.
The sculpture was created during a 20 month period between 1989-90. It is the first sculpture portraying the art of “teeming”. It was in the early 2000’s voted favourite sculpture by the citizens of Sheffield.

Working on Teeming

These are some images of Teeming as work in progress.

"Teeming" the Maquette

"Teeming" in the foundry