This is my first sculptural project that is a relief rather than free standing. This four meter by seven meter relief was placed in the business entrance to the building complex at 9 Queen’s Road Central. This was the third time that Hongkong Land was building on the same site.

The lower part of the relief is a view from the harbour towards the mainland the year the company began to do business in Hong Kong. Near the bottom I have included examples of the preferred trading coins of the period. The upper part is a slightly “twisted” architectural view of the building complex.

The use of the mosaic was a wonderful as it allowed colour injection into the sculpture. I had originally wanted a darker blue to frame the top. This idea changed during a conversation about cultural superstitions, as too dark a blue was bad luck for the Chinese.

The sculpture was installed in 1991.

More production images.

This time I built the original model with wood wax upon a plaster base.

The harbour and bay in wood and wax, the mountain background , and letters are carved into the plaster. This gave the mountains a more “rock” feeling.

The bottom relief is made of three sections. They are welded together to become one of the three units with regards to the mounting