Chunky Cutting

“Chunky Cutting” 1987-90 Commissioned by Cambridge LeaseHolds Ltd for Millwoods Town Center, Edmonton, Alberta.

This was an amazing project. It was also my longest. Due to financial reasons it was created in two parts. First phase was creating the horse and rider, second phase the calf. The horse and rider were portraits of Charles “Chunky” Woodward and his 1967 NCHA Champion Cutting Horse Peppy San.

I had never made a horse before so I set up a studio at a local stable and made a life size study model. I used this model, advice from veterinarians, my video research of cutting competitions and the all important measurements and photographs I took of Peppy San in Texas and of Mr. Woodward in Vancouver, at his Douglas Lake Ranch and in my Pietrasanta studio to create the horse and rider in a true cutting pose.

Every piece of cloth or leather has a different texture. The horse was given a smooth surface, while the calf has a rougher “fur effect”. I worked on the horse/rider part of the project from 1987 until 1990.

Images from the foundry.

The photograph of Matlock Rose cutting with Peppy San was the starting point.  I decided to first make a life-size study model.

From the moulds of the study model I created plaster legs.  I then carved in the bone joints to figure how the bend.