Project Category: Flower Portraits

In 2009 I began to investigate new ways to create portraits of the flowers from our gardens. As the results keep on getting better I started to contemplate creating them in a larger format. Then in the spring of 2015 the possibility of a solo exhibition in Italian Fashion Designer Massimo Rebecchi’s Vela in Lucca presented itself. For the show I created nine works in various formats and sizes with the help of three different printers, one German and two Italian. It became apparent that the Epson certified Digigraphie printer portraits by VP Photo of Massarosa (LU) Italy, were of superior quality. Some very fine artisanship. As a friend of mine, who once sold these printers in Canada commented: “Just because you own the printer does not guarantee you will be able o make prints like this” Hence, I have decided to use them exclusively as the producers of my flower portraits. The images are printed upon fine art archival photographic paper, which is then mounted upon a 3mm aluminium sheet (Dibond). On the back of the Dibond a 2 cm. aluminum frame is attached which creates the effect of the portrait hovering on the wall. All these portraits are of a small limited edition.